Thursday, January 25, 2007

Secret Spinners!

I came home late last night - it is a long drive from Richmond to my house - and I found a small package waiting for me, all the way from New Zealand! Pretty exciting stuff, here.

It was from my Secret Spinner Pal and contained the first of two promised skeins of handspun yarn, as well as a card on cool handmade paper and a bonus of Sweeties! Miss Ruby & I had a laugh over the name - Pineapple Lumps - but it's a great combination, chocolate & pineapple.

Lovely yarn, pal! Thanks so much! Now I get to figure out what to knit it up into...
This also served as a reminder - I need to mail a package off to my secret spinner in Alberta, Canada. I have a small skein of border leicester all ready to go.

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