Thursday, February 2, 2012

Distaff Day - January 7, 2012

I like the concept of Beginning As You Mean To Go On -

and in this spirit I organized a Distaff Day event this year for friends from local guilds. Distaff Day is traditionally the day after Epiphany and the first day of returning to work after the twelve days of the Christmas holidays. Women would return to their spinning chores on this day and the men would tease and distract them, trying to extend the holiday spirit. You can read more about Distaff Day or Roc Day on Wikopedia or in greater detail here.

My friend Beth Wilson had just opened her Barefoot Weaver's teaching studio and she graciously hosted the event. We did not confine ourselves to spinning! Some friends volunteered to demonstrate various fibery skills:

painting skeins with dye,

spinning cotton on the charka wheel, crocheting spinning wheel drive bands, wool combing,

warping a rigid heddle loom,

warping a floor loom.

I gave a great wheel spinning lesson and then a rigid heddle warping demo which included measuring the warp right across the room and creating a yarn barrier that inspired some folks to show off their limbo techniques. I put a warp on my own Flip loom with Crystal Palace Merino Stripes. I wove a similar scarf for my husband for Christmas this year. I love the way the color change in the yarn works with the length of the warp.

About 30 people came and went in the course of the day and participated in one of the stations or just sat to spin and chat for a while. It was a great day and I think a good time was had by all who joined us!