Wednesday, January 3, 2007

First Night Leesburg

We had a great time performing at First Night Leesburg on 12/31.

Sine Nomine sang two sets and I sang one solo set in the sanctuary of the St. James Episcopal Church in Leesburg.

I have sung in a number of the churches in Leesburg, and they all have lovely acoustics for music, but singing in St. James is like playing a very, very good instrument.

It was such a pleasure.
Above you can see some of my audience, listening with rapt attention (!) - that's our Hannah sitting to the left in the piano scarf. And then me, talking between songs. Our Ruby took the photies. I'll put a few more in a separate post.

And two days later I came down with a nasty cold. The only good thing to say about that is that I'm glad it came on after First Night.

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