Friday, December 21, 2007

Contest results!

OK, I've been really busy. We organize two New Year's eve events locally - First Night Leesburg and First Night Warrenton. They are wonderful events, but it's a little like running our entire 75 concert summer season in a single night. It's a lot of work. And most of this work needs to be done in the month of December, with deadlines flying at us this week before Christmas.

So it's an awkward juggle, preparing for First Night and for our family holidays at the same time.

Anyway. I did do a drawing, using a highly scientific randomizing selection process.

I wrote everyone's name on little slips of paper, folded them and tossed them around until one stood up like a little teepee. And then until a second one stood up. So here are the winning names:

The winners have a choice of spinning fiber, yarn or a lamb puppet from my vast stash and business inventory! So, Sheila and Annemarie, send me an email at and let me know your preference.

I cleaned out my Mom's yarn stash last month - I'm starting a major organizing project at her apartment, because we'd like to get someone in the deep clean but there really needs to be less Stuff first. A Lot Less Stuff. She said she hadn't been crocheting in so long that she might as well unload her stash, so I gathered it all up and bagged it and brought it home.

I gleaned a few choice items that wanted to stay at my house - a little Koigu, a few balls of Manos... and Miss Lily pulled a few skeins for her holiday projects, and the rest I boxed up with some yarn from my stash. I mailed two big boxes to Interim House today for the knitting group there.

We came up with a swift and a ball winder, I threw in some tote bags...they seem to breed along with the yarn at my house, so there are usually too many.
Interim House is a women's substance abuse program in Philadelphia and they have a knitting group. You can see what they've been knitting on Kathryn Duffy's blog here. We all know how therapeutic knitting can be, but these ladies are Living It.

Happy Holidays to everyone! We will have all the girls home by Saturday night and then start the Gathering of the Grandmothers (and 1 Grandfather) on Sunday. It's a bit of a dog & pony show collecting everyone and then delivering them back to their homes, but it's so great to have us all together.

All the best in your holiday travels and gatherings.


weebug said...

merry christmas!

Sheila E said...

Pleasant & Delightful...for Sure!
Thanks so much Dear Lady!!
My Lucky Day!!

Sheila E said...

I love my yarn!! It's just perfect...a lot like you!
I love reading your blog...and these a Special Award to say so on mine!
Hope you are enjoying your New Year!