Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In Which I Eat Crow

First, the last of the daffodils - along with some of those apple blossoms.

On the Faery Ring front, I heard back from Mary Scott Huff, and the missing back cables were corrected in a revised pattern she posted in February. I really thought I had downloaded this updated version, but clearly, I did not. I blame menopausal miasma, which has made my previously wonderful memory into a chutes and ladders game.

Mea culpa - it was all my own mistake! So I will complain less as I fix it...

Meanwhile...the puppets are here!

I think the best part about unpacking Folkmanis puppets is the way they all look so glad to see you!

New this year - an Australian Shepherd and a Floppy Bunny.

These usually sell like hotcakes at Maryland Sheep & Wool.

And they are so much fun to play with between customers.

Did you know that the Wooly Mammoth is a fiber animal?

See you soon!

Next post: Fleece Artist & Hand Maiden color wallow...


Mary in VA said...

Oh my gosh! I love the pic of the sheepy puppets. Most of them seem to be pleading with their eyes to be let out. But Mr. One O'Clock has either jumped right to "yippee we're getting out" or is being tickled by another who's keeping a really straight face!

your Ruby said...

Puppets! Ah, I miss the mayhem of sheep and wool, and the smell of the sheep apparently (as whenever a friend has local yarn, I bury my face in it) I'm confused about the title of this entry though - I'm assuming its a quote or reference, unless you did, in fact, eat crow...

love love, see you soon!