Friday, March 2, 2007

EZ Rib Warmer Vest

I've also been working away at a Rib Warmer Vest from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Workshop - the pattern is great, but it didn't specify a quantity of yarn and I'm trying to squeeze it out of one 250 gram skein of Fleece Artist Scotian Silk. I started on US#9 needles and got about 3/4 through the first vest half when the remaining yarn started looking lean. I weighed the knitting and the remaining yarn and it was much too close to the same weight, with many a row to go. So I ripped it out and started again with a US#10.5 and adjusted the pattern for the new gauge. I'm almost to the end of the frogged yarn and I'm not close enough to the end of the first half... again.

I do have 50 grams of silk & wool sliver that was dyed in the same run. I could never match the yarn that was dyed as yarn, but I could maybe come up with something that was a similar weight and the colors would match generally. The odd yarn would be on the shoulder, at the back... I dunno. I may go ahead and finish this piece and then weigh everything again and think about it. It's just a sample, but in such a pretty color. This photo is the first draft, now frogged and reknit.


CarolineF said...

Did you see Stephanie's green one? She used 1.75 skeins of Fleece Artist something-or-other (not scotian silk) and it is really quite cute.

Terri said...

Did you see Sue's at Kati's Fiberworks class? She knit it with Silk Garden and I just loved the variegated look.