Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Falling Off the Wagon

Well, I had a little yarn incident. Nothing serious, just a minor detour from the diet.

This actually goes back to my trip to North Carolina in January - I tend to drive with a lead foot, and I was driving my mother's van which unlike my trusty Subaru does not vibrate dramatically at speeds above 65 mph, and I sailed past an unmarked police car going, oops, 84 mph. I didn't mean to go so fast. I was just trying to get in front of a poky pack of cars, which in retrospect I recognize as a group of law abiding citizens with far keener powers of observation than I.

So I got a ticket for reckless driving, and I had to go to court in Woodstock, Virginia on February 20th. I was somewhat apprehensive, but my plan was to be polite, contrite and apologetic.

When the judge came in he gave a serious lecture about what the state can do to you when you do not follow the rules of the road, like take away your driving privileges and put you in jail. This was little scary. The first person called up had three charges, all relating to substance abuse while driving, and one was a felony. I thought that I might look fairly innocent compared to this poor soul.

I was called up next. The judge was very nice and told me that I must slow down and warned me against depending on cruise control as it can surge on hills, and he reduced my speed to 79mph, which took it out of the reckless driving category and back to simple speeding. I paid a hefty fine and walked out into the February sunshine, relieved and repentant.

And what should I spy with my little eye? A yarn store, right next to the courthouse, Yarns for Ewe on the Square. It was illuminated by a ray of sunlight that shone down to guide my way. It was providential.

A nice little yarn store, where I happily browsed and found inspiration. I decided I deserved a small yarn purchase, and I bought 2 skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca Sport and a pair of Inox #2 16" circs to make a hat for my honey, and a skein of Claudia Handpaint fingering in Ingrid Blue - because I really liked the colors and I met Ms. Claudia in January at On the Lamb in Staunton. I started the hat that very day - it is my current movie knitting.

And I haven't bought any more yarn since then - a whole week!


Joanne said...

Pobody's Nerfect.

Lately I've been craving more more more. More food, more yarn, more novels, more intellectual conversation, more everything. I know it isn't healthy, and it's all I can do to limit myself in the food and yarn departments. (novels from the library and talk are not expensive or dangerous to my health.) It seems to me that after you paid your debt to society, it was ok to to get a little yarn as salve to daub on your soul. It was probably drippy with relief!

Angela said...

I think you just wavered on the wagon :)

Melanie said...

After that stressful experience I think you showed commendable restraint in the providencially situated yarn store. It doesn't count.