Saturday, March 10, 2018

I'm teaching at Convergence in July!!!

I began my life as a weaver in a 6 week class with Norman Kennedy at the Marshfield School of Weaving in 1980, and I have been teaching weaving classes for over 20 years.  But my Bluemont Concert Series day job has kept me from participating in most of the many exciting summer conferences and seminars - until recently.  I decided I could squeeze one conference into our very busy summer concert schedule a few years ago, and this worked well enough that I taught at two conferences last year - Midwest and MAFA.

On the strength of these successes, I went ahead and applied to teach at Convergence in 2018 - and got accepted!  I am really, really excited about going to Convergence for a number of reasons:

- It's THE national weaving conference in the U.S - I'll meet lots of weavers and fellow teachers.

- Convergence is taking place in Reno, Nevada this year - this will be my first visit to Nevada.
I love visiting new places and I look forward to connecting with guilds and schools in the western states for future classes.

- I'm going to room with my weaving road trip buddy Liz, who just moved from Virginia to New Mexico.  We are going to pretend she hasn't moved away and carry on having weaving adventures together!

There will be -

Can you say Marketplace

 There are so many interesting and exciting classes!

I will be leading 3 different seminars and teaching 2 workshops

Introduction to Hand Spindles - Friday, July 6th - 3 Hour Seminar

The Colorful History of Tartan - Saturday, July 7th - 90 Minute morning Seminar
Tartan Weaving - Tuesday-Thursday, July 10-12th - 3 Day Workshop

L'Amour de Maman - Acadian Weaving - Saturday, July 7th - 90 Minute afternoon Seminar
L'Amour de Maman - Acadian Weaving - Sunday-Monday, July 8-9th - 2 Day Workshop

Won't you join me?  It will be a terrific adventure!  Convince a friend to come along - there is still room in both of my workshop classes.

I hope to see you there!

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