Friday, May 25, 2007

Lizard Ridging!

I have been lured into the Lizard Ridge project... and now that all the hulabaloo for MS&W is over, I have started knitting squares.

I haven't knit with Kureyon before. I knitted a bias scarf with Silk Garden a few years ago, and I have some Kureyon garments on my wish list, but this is my first Kureyon project.
Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a before and after blocking square:Knitting these squares is a little like eating popcorn - I want to knit one more ridge, one more square - just to see how the colors come out.

This last square came out orange and green and ugly on it's first incarnation, so I frogged it and chose the colors on the next try, avoiding the orangey-green parts altogether. And the second try is so prismatic!

So I'm viewing this as an exercise in trying to use colors I wouldn't normally choose, and in learning how to use a ball of Kureyon effectively. There is a good amount of yarn left after knitting one square and I'm tempted to weigh my leftovers and remove this amount before starting the next square, because it would give more contrast, especially at the beginning.

I'm sure you'll be seeing more of these later!


Melanie said...

The Lizard Ridge squares are so intriguing. I really like the brightly coloured one. Are you cutting the colour sections that don't appeal to you out of the yarn?

CarolineF said...

I admire you Lizard Ridge people.