Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spring Break

We've been taking our annual family vacation during Clarke County public schools spring break for the last 6 years. Because our Bluemont events are so busy all summer long and over the winter break, this is the best time for us to get away.

This year we returned to Sandbridge Beach, ten miles south of Virginia. It was our third visit to Sandbridge; we like it there because it's only 4 hours from home, and it's convenient to Richmond (Lily) and Irvington (Peter' Mom). So with a little planning, we can get both our Moms and most of our daughters together.

Hannah actually flew to Richmond midweek and did some interviews there for prospective internships for the coming summer, and then she & Lily drove out to the beach Thursday night - so we were all together Friday and had an early birthday party for Mrs. D (Peter's Mom). Between Lily's friends and Ruby's friends we had a total of 14 people staying at the house, but not all at the same time!

Hannah cut her hair off when Lily's hair began to come back in, so they both have very, very short hair. They both look really cute, but Lily's hair is soft and fine and Hannah's is coarse and thick - like mine. I didn't take many photos at the beach, but I got Hannah & Lily in Richmond:

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