Thursday, December 28, 2006


I forwarded an email around today about remembering the Holocaust, and I got back some positive responses. One was a real surprise - an old photograph from around 1982 of me with my oldest best friend Karen. I was playing the sousaphone in the Bread and Puppet band for their annual Resurrection Circus, and Karen and I were talking between shows.

That's the circus bus in the background. It would have been August in Northern Vermont, and I'm wearing an Aran style sweater that I designed and knit. (Fiber content!) It was a fairly successful design, except that the ribbing stretched out after a few washings, and I discovered that rural life with a wood stove is not compatible with white sweaters. Oh, and the sleeves are too short!! I still have it in the attic, and someday I might add on to the sleeve cuffs.

Karen's brother Steve sent this to me in an email that just said - Memories - of all types. As the picture appeared, scrolling from the top down I started laughing as I recognized the photo. My workmates came over to see what I was laughing about. The combination of the time and place and what it felt like to be alive that day; the unexpected return to that moment was simply delightful.

Thanks, Steve.

We've been kind of busy with collecting and returning our older relatives for the Christmas holiday, and getting back to work to continue preparations for First Night Leesburg and First Night Warrenton. December 31st is a very busy night for Bluemont, and all five of us are actively involved.

I will be singing at First Night Leesburg, in the St. James Episcopal sanctuary which has simply gorgeous acoustics. I'm performing 2 sets with my trio - Sine Nomine, and then one set solo. Sine Nomine is Linda Conti, Maggie Siner and myself and we perform a cappella early music, mostly European sacred music. We rehearsed at St. James this afternoon and it was such a pleasure to sing in that space, like playing a really good instrument.

My solo set will also be a cappella, old traditional songs from England, Ireland and Scotland. I'm looking forward to the evening.

I still need to take some photos to post about my holiday knitting, but hopefully that will come soon.


CarolineF said...

What a fun picture. And I have to say you have not changed a bit.

MFCarter said...

I too love the picture. It's really beautiful.